Glenn "Stick" Mannich




Glenn "Stick" Mannich

Verse 50

There is that in me—I do not know what it is—but I know it is in me.
Wrench'd and sweaty—calm and cool then my body becomes,
I sleep—I sleep long.
I do not know it—it is without name—it is a word unsaid,
It is not in any dictionary, utterance, symbol.
Something it swings on more than the earth I swing on,
To it the creation is the friend whose embracing awakes me.
Perhaps I might tell more. Outlines! I plead for my brothers and sisters.
Do you see O my brothers and sisters?
It is not chaos or death—it is form, union, plan—it is eternal life—it is Happiness.
Textual Analysis
As "Song of Myself" draws to a close, the poet is emerging from the intense imaginative journey that has taken him to the far reaches of the cosmos as well as to the inner workings of his body, has revealed to him the unity of the stars with the dung beetle—of ...
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Textual Analysis


Glenn (aka "Stick") Mannich at his Home in Magnolia Springs

Pierre and I were filming in and around Gulf Shores, Alabama, and we we stayed in this really lovely bed and breakfast in Magnolia Springs. Pierre and I were chatting with one of the owners of the B and B -- David Worthington -- and David shared a bit about the town and its residents and he said, “Well, you should meet Stick!” Stick is Glenn’s nickname.

We didn’t know anything about Stick other than David said we must meet him. We were like, “Yes! Great!” So David said, “Well, I’ll take you over there and you can meet him.”

We went over there that same day, or maybe it was the next, and Stick met us outside. I thought that we would get there, introduce ourselves and say, “Here’s what we’re up to, here’s the process, any questions? Want to be a part of it?” But he was just like “Come on in!” and just went into things right away, started showing us around his house, pointing things out, sharing some history. He took the lead -- making Pierre and I feel very welcome.

When Stick said that he used to analyze handwriting it piqued my interest. You don’t often meet someone with those skills, if ever. I thought, Well, let’s see what this is all about, see what happens, it could be fun. Why not find out what this person who I just met a few minutes ago has to say about me? This whole project is about getting to know ourselves and other people, letting people this moment seemed like a perfect fit, in maybe a somewhat unusual way.

[As for what I thought of Stick’s reading?]

Stick said I like to put people at a distance. In the moment I remember thinking, Do I? I like to be close to people. But I’ve since thought about it and it’s true. Sometimes I can feel the need to have my own space. He also told me I was “a little bit vain,” and I thought, I’m open to examining that; though, I probably wouldn’t want to admit that I might be. And when he said that I can “draw” people in, I agree with that. I attempt to draw people into being a part of this project all the time. And making folks feel safe to be themselves. (However successfully or unsuccessfully is up to them to say.) But it seems to have been working. And well, as far as Stick venturing that I’m “a little bit gay.” He definitely figured that one out.

Ultimately, I like that everyone had a good time that afternoon. Everyone wanted to play along. Everyone opened up some.  That’s what I really love about life and this project. People can meet each other, meet a moment, and open up to each other to whatever extent they want to - but they are opening up - and that always feels meaningful. And like something good is happening.

By filmmaker Jennifer Crandall, as told to writer Liz Hildreth